Monday, September 23, 2013


From 9/24 - 9/28/13 you can download Tripped Up for FREE from Amazon. Click the cover below to reach the Amazon page.

Tripped Up - SEALs on Fire series, written with Allie Standifer

Karen James accepts and enjoys her generous curves but still lacks confidence when it comes to the opposite sex. She’s perfectly capable of flirting with the pumped up, fake cover models she works with. But real men, like the handsome SEAL her best friend tasked her with babysitting, put her on shaky ground. He ramps up her snarky attitude and keeps her body humming with a constant arousal that won’t be sated.

Garrett “Trip” Trippington is the easiest going, most laid back, steady member of Team Arapahoe. Nothing ruffles his feathers or causes him to falter; not even being shot while on a mission. All that changes the moment he first sees Karen, a curvy vision of feminine perfection with a razor-sharp tongue. He’s tripped up, falling hard, and experiencing feelings that make his head spin. For the first time, his duties as a SEAL seem an easier mission.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Blowout Sale

Fall Blowout Sale at The Wild Rose Press
50% off all digital titles
Free shipping on print book orders over $50

Melting Ice 50% off - click on the cover to get Melting Ice for only $1 - for a limited time only!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Colorado Flooding Crisis #COflood

This time of crisis here in Colorado has given me the opportunity to reflect on the many blessings in my life!

I just moved to Northern Colorado in February thinking I was finally getting away from the rain/water weather events common to the Florida Gulf Coast. While I did escape the tropical humidity and hurricanes there is no getting away from natural disasters. In the past week we went from warm sunny summer days into monsoon hell.

After surviving my first winter here (and being blamed by coworkers for the uncommon snow on May 1st) I relaxed into a warm, gorgeous summer, ignoring outlandish tales of Native Coloradans about "monsoon season." Ha, what could these Westerners know about monsoons. I grew up in the sub-tropics and figured most people here had no clue what a monsoon was only to be proven woefully wrong.

Typical monsoon season here happens typically in July and August with daily evening rain showers. Reminds me of back home where evening rain showers were common in spring/summer. After experiencing monsoon season here I was not impressed in the least and utterly dismayed with Coloradans lack of driving skills in the rain. Ha, what's a little rain.

Septembers are normally mild weather months with little to no rain or drastic weather. This past week has been nothing but rain. The monsoon flow stalled out over us, flooding creeks, rivers, dams, lakes resulting in raging water flows, mud and rock slides and massive, widespread flooding. One weather report said we got over 2 trillion gallons of water dumped on us during the week. As with anything else in life, shit rolls down hill! All that water up in the mountains did exactly that. Three overflown rivers converged into one huge mess here in North Central Colorado.

My family and I have been truly blessed, managing to remain high and dry while houses and farms not 1/2 mile away have been devastated. Our worst inconveniences have been boiling water and having to drive creative routes that take longer to get anywhere. Yeah, very blessed! Basements are flooded with water, mud and sewage while other homes have been completely destroyed. Cars are flooded, swept away by water flows, along with livestock and pets. Yes, I am definitely counting my blessings! And I am heartened to see how many neighbors are helping neighbors during this difficult time.

Here are some of the latest figures:
7 confirmed dead
1,253 unaccounted for (not heard from by family)
11,700 evacuated
1,502 structures destroyed
17,494 structures damaged
30 bridges destroyed
17 counties effected (2,380 square miles)
600 Colorado National Guard and active duty Army personnel assisting local emergency officials
2100 residents rescued along with 500 pets
More than 1000 are still awaiting rescue

I did not personally take the following pictures. These are some of the thousands of photos posted online just to give you a glimpse of the devastation that cannot truly be reflected in a picture. My thoughts and prayers are with all those effected by this disaster and my heartfelt thanks to all the amazing National Guard and other first responders who have selflessly reached out to help those in need.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cover Art Win!

WOOHOO! My cover art for Sugar Girl placed second in the Gorgeous Gals category of the Affair de Coeur Magazine cover contest. In the Hot Guyz Patrol category, Blame It On Texas placed fourth and Big Bad Wolf came in eighth. For the win, Sugar Girl will get a 6 month cover art ad online.

My sincere thanks to everyone who voted for my covers! It is awesome to have my labor of love recognized. :D

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Affair de Coeur Cover Contest

Three of the book covers I've created are up for recognition in the Affair de Coeur cover contest and I am shamelessly asking for your votes!

In the Hot Guys Patrol category are my covers for Blame It On Texas by Allie Standifer and Big Bad Wolf, which I am co-writing with Allie.

In the Gorgeous Gals category is my cover for Sugar Girl

Thanks so much for your support!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Release - Tripped Up

SEALs on Fire series

Written with Allie Standifer

Karen James accepts and enjoys her generous curves but still lacks confidence when it comes to the opposite sex. She's perfectly capable of flirting with the pumped up, fake cover models she works with. But real men, like the handsome SEAL her best friend tasked her with babysitting, put her on shaky ground. He ramps up her snarky attitude and keeps her body humming with a constant arousal that won't be sated.  

Garrett "Trip" Trippington is the easiest going, most laid back, steady member of Team Arapahoe. Nothing ruffles his feathers or causes him to falter; not even being shot while on a mission. All that changes the moment he first sees Karen, a curvy vision of feminine perfection with a razor-sharp tongue. He's tripped up, falling hard, and experiencing feelings that make his head spin. For the first time, his duties as a SEAL seem an easier mission.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Alien Rights - 4 Star Review

Lisianthus - Long And Short Reviews rates Alien Rights 4 Stars.

"This is a short story that moves along quickly. It’s a delicious alien abduction fated mate story. From the moment Emily wakes up on the cruiser she’s in constant pleasure and I will admit this book is very steamy.
"I enjoyed the running theme of rights and the different ways Rodar and Emily viewed them. The author creates a unique fun little world and does it masterfully. I loved the uniqueness of the ship and the toys involved. Ms. Austin definitely has a delicious and fascinating imagination and I appreciated all the little details.
"I recommend this for a quick sexy read in one sitting, I will definitely pick up another Nicole Austin book."

Monday, July 15, 2013

Awesome Review of Make Mine A Double

5 hunk review for Make Mine A Double from Carla - RomFan Reviews...Woot!


"This book was so hot, I'm amazed my ereader didn't catch fire.  The explosive chemistry between these three characters was amazing to witness.  Both Max and Brayden balance each other out, and Kaylie does an amazing job tying them all together.  Watching Kaylie struggling with two jobs to pay off the debt her ex left behind is sad, but she never complains or asks for help, which drives Max crazy.  Personally, I'd be fine with two super hot guys wanting to take care of me, but that's something Kaylie must accept on her own time.  Great story, and the sex in this book was amazing.  I need a cold shower just thinking about it.  :)"

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cover Reveal - Tripped Up

Woohoo! Here it is folks, the cover for Tripped Up, the final book in the SEALs on Fire series, coming soon from The Wild Rose Press. We don't have a release date yet but it will be soon, possibly before the end of the month. :D

Tripped Up
Written with my partner in crime Allie Standifer

Karen James accepts and enjoys her generous curves but still lacks confidence when it comes to the opposite sex. She's perfectly capable of flirting with the pumped up, fake cover models she works with. But real men, like the handsome SEAL her best friend tasked her with babysitting, put her on shaky ground. He ramps up her snarky attitude and keeps her body humming with a constant arousal that won't be sated.  

Garrett "Trip" Trippington is the easiest going, most laid back, steady member of Team Arapahoe. Nothing ruffles his feathers or causes him to falter; not even being shot while on a mission. All that changes the moment he first sees Karen, a curvy vision of feminine perfection with a razor-sharp tongue. He's tripped up, falling hard, and experiencing feelings that make his head spin. For the first time, his duties as a SEAL seem an easier mission.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tripped Up - Coming Soon!

Yes, I know it's been a long time. 2012 was not very good to me, coupled with major life changes and a cross-country move at the start of 2013, there wasn't much room for writing. Well now that things are more settled, I am back at work with co-author Allie Standifer and we have a new contract from The Wild Rose Press for Tripped Up, a standalone book in the SEALs On Fire series. Woot!
Release date to be determined.

Tripped Up
Allie Standifer & Nicole Austin

Karen James accepted and enjoyed her generous curves but still lacked confidence when it came to the opposite sex. While perfectly capable of flirting with the pumped up cover models she often worked with, real men like those of SEAL team Arapahoe put her on shaky ground. Especially Trip, the SEAL she’s been tasked with babysitting during the upcoming wedding. He ramps up her snarky attitude and keeps her body humming with a constant arousal that won’t be sated.

Garrett “Trip” Trippington is the easiest going, most laid back, steady member of his team. Nothing ever ruffles his feathers or causes him to falter; not even being shot while on a mission took him down. All that changed the moment he first saw Karen, a curvy vision of feminine perfection with a razor-sharp tongue. He’s tripped up, falling hard, experiencing feelings that make his head spin, on foreign ground and engaged in the most important fight of his life.  

Saturday, April 13, 2013

5 Star Review of Melting Ice

Check out this awesome video review by Niina of the SEALs on Fire Anthology. She gave Melting Ice 5 stars and loved all the stories.

"Nicole Austin delivers a one hot erotic romance read with Melting Ice! I haven't read any other books of hers but I want to now! The characters were believable and emotionally vulnerable, and that mixed with some extremely hot bedroom scenes was addictive little mix, I devoured these 66 pages in no time at all and was curious for more!

"The romance was hot, these two totally synced in bed, the sex was way creative and I loved that Syn was the one who made Ice lose control, especially when it happened in the bedroom, whoa boy! I especially loved the ending... Priceless! Loved it!"

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Auction for Author/Model A.B. Scott McKinley

Check out the auction for author/model AB Scott McKinley. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Wounded Warrior Project and the rest will go to helping Scott, a wounded warrior hero himself. A lot of authors have opened their hearts and donated some great books. Among the items up for grabs is a basket of my entire print book collection, each book signed, along with some other goodies.

Bidding begins on 3/29/13 and will end on 4/12/13. You don't want to miss out on this opportunity. Check out the auction page by clicking here and start planning your bidding strategy early!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

4 Star Review for Sugar Girl

Long and Short Reviews has given Sugar Girl a 4 star rating.

"I have read Ms Austin’s books before, she’s a go-to-author for me as she never disappoints. Sugar Girl is no exception. It’s a hot, sexy read with characters who connect with each other and the reader. There is a nice build up to the steamy action, I really enjoyed the fact that Jeremiah was a super-star yet it didn’t take over the story.

"Candy was feisty and sweet, I could see why Jeremiah liked her so much. The sex scenes are intense and emotional, the writing flows and heats up the page. All in all a great short read and a wonderful addition to the Naughty Sleepover series. I recommend it if you like m/f romance with some seriously steamy action."

Friday, March 1, 2013

Tempestuous "Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat"

Susan’s Review:
"Where, oh where, is Niko Kovalenko when you need him? One hot Dominant male enters submissively curious Evie’s world and it will never be the same. Attending a BDSM conference out of curiosity, led Evie to meet a practicing Dominant/Submissive couple who take her under their wing. Heading off to a mysterious club in town, they invite her knowing full well she won’t be able to resist the temptation.
"And that is where all of the fun begins! Within seconds of entering the hotel lobby to meet the group, Evie runs into the quiet, reserved, desirable, and dangerously sexy Niko. He is blown away by his reaction to her and knows she will be under his spell and body soon. His character was palpable, his actions and reactions in total alignment with the powerful man he is. Women flock at his feet and he gives his attention to whomever he pleases. At the moment, Evie is the object of his desires…. and man, does he have desires!
"I loved Evie’s innocence and determination to learn about what was causing her insides to tingle. Her rookie mistakes at the club were perfect as they showed the true spunky person that she was deep inside. Watching her unveil the woman underneath was a delight as Nicole Austin skillfully wove an erotic tale of discovery of one’s true self. Tempestuous will keep you on the edge of your seat as you experience Niko, a man like no other."
Rated 4.5 Delightful Divas by Susan!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Alien Rights - Available Now


Be careful what you wish for—it just might come true. Emily experiences the old adage firsthand after waking up on an alien cruiser. Naked. And intensely turned-on.
The Earther woman extended an invitation Commander Rodar couldn’t refuse. Gaining her sexual surrender is easy. To win her heart, he’ll have to grant her certain exclusive alien rights.

Available now from Ellora's Cave Publishing 

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, please exit this site.
An Excerpt From: ALIEN RIGHTS
Copyright © NICOLE AUSTIN, 2013
All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

“Shall we transport the Earther back to the surface now, Commander?” Elon Tanes, second-in-command of astrocruiser Neimus, awaited orders.
“No.” Kalgron Rodar bit back a sigh. “She stays.” The Neimus would continue to orbit Earth until he determined how to proceed.
Due to advancements in medicine and technology, his home planet, Ralos, had become overpopulated. They’d had such high hopes that Earth, inhabited by beings similar to Ralosians, would be suitable for settlement. But extensive study of Earth’s society and people had proved otherwise. The inhabitants of Earth had little tolerance for their own cultural differences, which often resulted in horrific wars. They certainly wouldn’t tolerate the Ralosians.
The male subject they’d recently returned to Earth had been more accepting than most yet his fears had been profound. When the exomed discovered precancerous cells in his prostate, the man should have been overjoyed to receive treatment that would prevent the disease from attacking his body. Instead he’d screamed and acted as if the anal probe caused injury.
No, Earth wouldn’t accept the superior, peaceful people of Ralos as their neighbors. He needed to remember that and move forward with his primary mission.
Difficult when all he could think about was the Earther woman held in the cruiser’s stasis chamber.
Emma-lee, with her creamy skin and luscious body. So wonderfully responsive and vocal in her pleasure.
Flarken nishet, he inwardly cursed.
The image of Emma-lee extending her arms and calling out to him would be forever burned into his memory. From the first moment he’d seen her, Kalgron had been captivated.
Kalgron, take me away!
He’d lacked the will to resist her impassioned invitation. Orders issued for travel to another possible host planet were forgotten, cast aside. One imperative drove him, to the point all else ceased to exist. Kalgron had to have the exquisite woman. The very idea of letting her go created an unbearable ache at the center of his chest.
The crew, confounded by his strange behavior, cast surreptitious glances his way. How could he explain his actions to others when unfamiliar emotions overruled rational thought? He’d never shown interest in the subjects or any desire for a mate, not that it wasn’t well within his right and power to take one. But Emma-lee was different from the others.
Normally when subjects were brought onto the cruiser for study, they were scanned by a medic utilizing a computerized exomed unit. Brain activity and stored memories were analyzed and any detected anomalies in the subject’s genes were repaired. The whole process took mere minutes. Only Kalgron hadn’t allowed a medic anywhere near Emma-lee and had performed the scans himself, spending countless hours in the chamber with her.
He didn’t know what had possessed him to implant a translator in her brain during the scans. There was no need for subjects to understand the Ralosians, who had mastered simple Earth phrases, the only communication necessary during the brief interactions. But the strong impulse to talk with Emma-lee had been undeniable.
Her physical appeal had drawn him in but her inner beauty was what held him enthralled. Unlike other Earthers, she had a keen intellect and believed life on other planets probable. Her desire for astral exploration made Kalgron wish to take her with him—keep her as his lifemate.
An instantaneous connection had snapped into place between them when he’d entered the stasis chamber. And the way she responded to his voice… Gads! He’d never encountered any being capable of reaching sexual release from nothing more than auditory stimulus.
He should return the woman to her planet and complete his mission. Return Emma-lee to her life and leave her in peace.
Kalgron shot from his chair at the command console. The idea of leaving her behind compelled him to act. He hadn’t learned the texture or taste of her skin or how it would feel to drive his erection into her woman’s warmth. He would not give her up until he had exhausted his lust for her and satisfied the intense sexual ache that drove him to distraction.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Yay, I am no longer homeless. No need to move in under a bridge with a bunch of trolls as Allie Standifer feared. Found a great house in Firestone Colorado that we absolutely love. Can't wait to get the keys and start moving in! The backyard garden doesn't look like that right now in winter, those pics are from the website.




Friday, February 8, 2013

Ramblin' Rose

New life day 5. At least I think this is day 5. It's Friday, yes? I've discovered the day and date are not very significant when you aren't on a regular work schedule.

In case you hadn't heard about my big life changes here's a brief recap to catch you up. While on vacation in Colorado with Allie Standifer, I landed a new job. The point of the vacation had been to let Allie get a feel for the area and decide if she wanted to relocate with me whenever I got all my ducks in a row and made it happen. I was hoping to make it happen during summer or fall of 2013. That all changed when my perfect job was listed a few days before our trip and I knew I had to check it out. Next thing I knew, I was swept up in a whirlwind, quit my job of 12 years and 3 weeks after returning home, hit the road to come back to Colorado for good.

I headed out on this 1900 mile road trip before the buttcrack of dawn Monday morning, driving 750 miles through Florida, Georgia and all the way to Clarksville Tennessee. Notice that little orange sign next to the Welcome to Georgia one. That little orange sign is a lie! I75 through southern Georgia is nothing but road work. Always has been and likely always will be. I don't think they will ever finish.

Uh, sorry. Got distracted. The first day of driving went very smoothly. No major traffic or delays and I made great time. No signs of Brad Pitt hitch hiking either, dang it. Treated myself to a steak dinner before crashing for the night, praying that my car, overflowing with everything I need to survive until the movers bring the rest of my stuff, would be okay in the parking lot.

Day two started out rather gloomy for my brief gaunt through Kentucky farmland and my surprise visit to Illinois. Say what? Seeing signs for Chicago had me doing a double take. Was my GPS lost? While I had checked out the route before hand, I had not realized my course would take me into southern Illinois. For some reason I'd thought that I'd be going from Kentucky into Missouri. Surprise. LOL! Southern Illinois for the most part was winter brown and icky except for this one area where I snapped this pretty picture on the right. Vastly different from northern Illinois where I once spent a year at Fort Sheridan Army base.

My apologies in advance to those who live in St. Louis but man, that is one butt ugly town. Traffic was crazy even at 10:30 am. I was ready for a break but pressed on until I got past the city before stopping for an early lunch at a Steak N' Shake where a very nice, tall, dark and handsome stranger picked up my lunch tab. Talk about making a girls day. He was working to install new lighting and performing other upgrades to the women's rest room and graciously stopped working to spare me from having to use the men's room. Then to my surprise when it came time to pay the server informed me the workman had paid for my lunch. I wore a goofy grin for the next several boring hours of my drive.

The rest of Missouri was mind-numbing but then I hit Kansas and things got worse. There is nothing but brown hills in Kansas. Nada. Zip. Zilch! At one point, I exited the interstate for gas and had to drive 8 miles off course to reach the gas station listed on the exit sign. When I reached Topeka, it was still early and I wasn't ready to stop for the night so I kept going. Big mistake! Between Topeka and Slina Kansas there isn't squat. A few scattered hotels here and there but way off the interstate and nothing around them. Ended up driving longer than I wanted to before finally finding a home for the night.

Day three was more of the same, although thankfully a much shorter drive since I only had 430 miles left to go. I spotted the Starbucks billboard, one of the only things to look at, around 100 miles prior to the exit and started salivating. A crack den. Civilization ahead. Yay!

Civilization turned out to be an interstate town and Starbucks was part of a gas station, Quiznos complex but I wasn't complaining when they put an iced caramel macchiato in my hand. Ah! Gena Showalter audiobooks and my crack of choice.

Had to stop when I rolled into Colorado and snap a picture of the sign. Another traveler offered to take my picture next to the sign but he set off internal alarms so I snapped my picture and beat feet out of there.

"Colorful Colorado," uh, not so much. At least not in the eastern half during winter. Only many more miles of dead brown grass and nothingness. The only true signs of civilization arrived when I hit Denver. Due to my early arrival, I couldn't check into my extended stay hotel so I went roaming to check out some of the rental houses on my list, very quickly crossing off the first few. No yard, too close to neighbors and no privacy, and various other reasons. When I was finally able to get checked into my room, I crashed and burned. A three day road trip used to be a breeze. Heck I made the trip from Tampa Florida to Portland Oregon by car, easy peasy. This trip did me in. No, that doesn't mean I'm getting old. I just have less patience for hours of tedium. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I already had an appointment set up to get snow tires first thing Thursday morning but was beginning to think I wouldn't need them. Day time highs were in the 50's and the only snow I saw while checking out houses was on top of the mountains in the distance. Went to bed thinking I'd have some extra cash in the budget until next winter. Woot! Yeah, not so much.

Woke up Thursday morning, looked out the hotel room window and discovered my poor tropical muscle car covered in snow. Poor Roxie. Thank goodness I planned ahead and purchased winter car gear from Amazon, including an ice scraper/brush. Even the doors were difficult to get open as they'd frozen shut. Snow tires were back on the schedule. But then I was hit with a dilemma. Snow tires don't stay on the car all year and my trunk/back seat were crammed full of stuff. So once the tires were on I headed back to the hotel to unpack the car then returned to pick up my tires. Four tires do not fit in my spacious trunk so now I am driving around with two in the back seat. Lovely! Need to get in a rental house STAT.

Went and checked out one of the houses on my list Thursday afternoon. A 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2 car garage (on Roxie's must have list), 2000 sq ft home. From the outside and neighborhood I was excited. This is a great house, newer, built in 2004. Sweet! First floor, still loving it. Spacious living room with hardwood floor and bay window breakfast nook, fresh paint, very clean. Kitchen with tile floor, granite counters and brand new appliances. Up the stairs to the landing with room for a seating area. Master bedroom a decent size with an amazing bathroom and huge walk in closet. Either new or just cleaned carpets. Still loving it. The one downfall, the 3 other bedrooms are miniscule. Crap! I don't remember seeing the fireplace but the website says there is one. Still, those small bedrooms puts the house lower down on my list. I have 3 more viewings scheduled, one each day. Hopefully I will find a place to suit my needs in one of those because I am anxious to get settled and have an  address.

Today is day 5 and on the schedule are a trip to my new employer for a health screening/check up along with viewing another house this afternoon. Might go catch a movie in between the two events. During the drive the solitude didn't bother me. I had audiobooks and love any chance to drive Roxie. Right now I am missing my kids something fierce and counting down the days until Allie Standifer rolls into town.

My adventure has just begun. I definitely feel a book to come out of this once I get settled in. An erotic romance author alone on the road for 3 days... Yeah, my mind had lots of opportunities to conjure up naughty scenarios. *grin* Hmm...perhaps there will be more than one resulting book.

For now, I will leave you with a few words of wisdom gained from this whole experience. Staying in your comfort zone is great but stifling. When the opportunity to make a change comes along, even if the timing isn't great, grab on with both hands and don't let go. Take a risk. Roll the dice.  Life is a limited time journey, live every moment! If you wait for everything to be optimal and all the ducks to line up in a row you will never break free of your safety net and try something new. Sure, you may stumble or fall but then you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

CAPA Awards Voting

Voting for the CAPA awards is open and there are some pretty amazing book up on the list. I am so honored to have made it into the BDSM category for Sugar Girl, part of the Naughty Sleepover series written with the Sassy Seven Authors. Please stop by and vote for your favorites. It only takes a minute to show some love for your favorite authors! Click the heart or link below to find the voting page.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Free Fall In 13 Days And Counting

I've been quiet lately on the blogs, Facebook, etc. Here's why.

Two and a half weeks ago, I headed out to Colorado for vacation with Allie Standifer. During the trip we intended to check out various areas we might want to live if circumstances became optimal for us to move out there. But a few days before the trip something monumental happened.

You may or may not already know that in my "day" job, I am a CT Technologist at a children's hospital. Well, a few days before our vacation the planets aligned just right and my dream position was posted on the website of an amazing children's facility in Colorado. The job was the exact shift I would want and everything.

Coincidence? I don't believe in those. Fate? Perhaps. Dumb luck...most assuredly. The one big drawback, circumstances are far from optimal. My son still has 4 more months of high school left and I still own a house in Florida.

Since we were going to be there, I filled out the online application and called to make contact with the supervisor to see if we could set up an interview during my week there.

Here comes the big panic attack moment...

Out of 12 applicants, I got the job.

Okay, wow. Awesome! Umm...can I start in June? Nope, need to be there fast. Very fast. Within a month.

*wheezing breath, cold sweats, racing pulse*

OH HOLY CRAP! What have I done?

Over the past ten days, I resigned from my job here in Florida that I've held for 12 years (major panic moment), handed my house keys over to a real estate agent (gleeful moment) and started packing. The picture is not as impressive as the sight is in person. I am currently up to 3 rows across, 3 to 4 high and 4 deep. And I'm not done. I still have to pack my kitchen and load my car with all the essential to survive for a month or two until I can get the rest of my stuff 1900 miles across country. In winter. To someplace with snow.

My daughter is staying in Florida and my son will join me after his graduation this summer. And in March, Allie will be moving with me. Yay! This whole thing is a lot easier knowing I'll have a good friend along for the adventure.

Got Roxie a check up yesterday. Fresh oil and spark plugs (16 of them - her engine is a 350hp beast), rotated the tires and she's been declared ready to go. Ordered a bunch of winter safety stuff just in case I get stuck in a blizzard with no hunky heroes around to save me, and plan on getting snow tires when we get there. Also looking into a special course that teaches you how to drive in snow and ice because this Florida girl hasn't done that in 24 years. Haven't told her yet but Roxie may get traded in for 4WD or AWD before next winter depending on how the snow driving goes.

*more wheezing, sweating, galloping pulse*

So in 13 days, Roxie and I will spend 3 or 4 endless days of driving through eight different states, and burn through several audio books along the way.

I don't even know where home is going to be yet. There are several rental houses I'm checking out online but until I can see them in person, I'll be staying in an extended stay hotel.

*clutching chest, gasping* OMG! I'm homeless. *thud*

My big brother really put it all in perspective for me. Dream jobs don't become available often and I am totally rolling the dice but if I waited for the perfect time when all my ducks were in a row it may never happen. So this is me, rolling the dice and free falling without a safety net.

As I am able to and have internet connection, I will post details from my trip. It's going to be a wild and crazy several months, that's for damn sure.

Wish me luck! Here we go. Wheeeeeeeeee!