Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Alien Rights - Available Now


Be careful what you wish for—it just might come true. Emily experiences the old adage firsthand after waking up on an alien cruiser. Naked. And intensely turned-on.
The Earther woman extended an invitation Commander Rodar couldn’t refuse. Gaining her sexual surrender is easy. To win her heart, he’ll have to grant her certain exclusive alien rights.

Available now from Ellora's Cave Publishing 

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An Excerpt From: ALIEN RIGHTS
Copyright © NICOLE AUSTIN, 2013
All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

“Shall we transport the Earther back to the surface now, Commander?” Elon Tanes, second-in-command of astrocruiser Neimus, awaited orders.
“No.” Kalgron Rodar bit back a sigh. “She stays.” The Neimus would continue to orbit Earth until he determined how to proceed.
Due to advancements in medicine and technology, his home planet, Ralos, had become overpopulated. They’d had such high hopes that Earth, inhabited by beings similar to Ralosians, would be suitable for settlement. But extensive study of Earth’s society and people had proved otherwise. The inhabitants of Earth had little tolerance for their own cultural differences, which often resulted in horrific wars. They certainly wouldn’t tolerate the Ralosians.
The male subject they’d recently returned to Earth had been more accepting than most yet his fears had been profound. When the exomed discovered precancerous cells in his prostate, the man should have been overjoyed to receive treatment that would prevent the disease from attacking his body. Instead he’d screamed and acted as if the anal probe caused injury.
No, Earth wouldn’t accept the superior, peaceful people of Ralos as their neighbors. He needed to remember that and move forward with his primary mission.
Difficult when all he could think about was the Earther woman held in the cruiser’s stasis chamber.
Emma-lee, with her creamy skin and luscious body. So wonderfully responsive and vocal in her pleasure.
Flarken nishet, he inwardly cursed.
The image of Emma-lee extending her arms and calling out to him would be forever burned into his memory. From the first moment he’d seen her, Kalgron had been captivated.
Kalgron, take me away!
He’d lacked the will to resist her impassioned invitation. Orders issued for travel to another possible host planet were forgotten, cast aside. One imperative drove him, to the point all else ceased to exist. Kalgron had to have the exquisite woman. The very idea of letting her go created an unbearable ache at the center of his chest.
The crew, confounded by his strange behavior, cast surreptitious glances his way. How could he explain his actions to others when unfamiliar emotions overruled rational thought? He’d never shown interest in the subjects or any desire for a mate, not that it wasn’t well within his right and power to take one. But Emma-lee was different from the others.
Normally when subjects were brought onto the cruiser for study, they were scanned by a medic utilizing a computerized exomed unit. Brain activity and stored memories were analyzed and any detected anomalies in the subject’s genes were repaired. The whole process took mere minutes. Only Kalgron hadn’t allowed a medic anywhere near Emma-lee and had performed the scans himself, spending countless hours in the chamber with her.
He didn’t know what had possessed him to implant a translator in her brain during the scans. There was no need for subjects to understand the Ralosians, who had mastered simple Earth phrases, the only communication necessary during the brief interactions. But the strong impulse to talk with Emma-lee had been undeniable.
Her physical appeal had drawn him in but her inner beauty was what held him enthralled. Unlike other Earthers, she had a keen intellect and believed life on other planets probable. Her desire for astral exploration made Kalgron wish to take her with him—keep her as his lifemate.
An instantaneous connection had snapped into place between them when he’d entered the stasis chamber. And the way she responded to his voice… Gads! He’d never encountered any being capable of reaching sexual release from nothing more than auditory stimulus.
He should return the woman to her planet and complete his mission. Return Emma-lee to her life and leave her in peace.
Kalgron shot from his chair at the command console. The idea of leaving her behind compelled him to act. He hadn’t learned the texture or taste of her skin or how it would feel to drive his erection into her woman’s warmth. He would not give her up until he had exhausted his lust for her and satisfied the intense sexual ache that drove him to distraction.

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