Thursday, September 27, 2012

2 Awesome Reviews for Sugar Girl

Bobbi - RomFan Reviews gives Sugar Girl 4 1/2 Naked Male Rating

"Long lost loves is the tale here. Young sweethearts who began as friends before life separated them reunite. What is better, you might ask; a chocolate espresso wine or the man of your dreams coming back into your life and helping you mark off a few ‘biggies’ from your ‘bucket list?
"Sugar Girl is a well written story that is a pleasure to read from beginning to end. It leaves you wanting more, so much more."

Sabine - Manic Readers gives Sugar Girl 4 Stars

"Sugar Girl by Nicole Austin is short but sweet with enough heat thrown in to make you want to go on the Ferris wheel and spend a night in the Menger Hotel with your own hot stud!

"I loved this story which is part of the Naughty Sleepover series.I love stories where the characters once knew each other but moved a way, grew up, changed and then came back to reclaim what they wanted. This was a short read but it was well worth it. Candy had some doubts after romping around with Jeremiah. He said the hotel was haunted and maybe the hotel’s ghosts played their part in getting these two lovebirds together! Will everything be rosy in the morning or will Candy go back to her normal dreary life? Grab a copy to find out! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!"

Sugar Girl, part of the Naughty Sleepover series by the Sassy Seven Authors. Available October 8th from Decadent Publishing.

New Cover Goodness

Double Down - the print combination of My Greatest Fantasy and Make Mine A Double - available November 9th from Ellora's Cave Publishing.

My Greatest Fantasy
My name is Isabella Blackburn, and I am a voyeur. At least that’s how it all began. Along the way, I’ve developed a taste for exhibitionism, foursomes and role-playing. Okay, I confess. I’m obsessed with sex, the more taboo the better.

If there’s a cure, you can keep it. I don’t want to be saved. Not when three sexy younger men are ready, willing and able to satisfy my carnal appetites. Yeah, baby! I’m having the time of my life and acting out all my wicked fantasies down to the most decadent details.

All three men heat me up, but one of the guys drives me absolutely wild. I might have to hang on to Rhys for a while, even if he does make me act a little crazy at times. Don’t be jealous. Surrender to temptation and leave your inhibitions at the door. Take a walk on the wild side and have some fun. We both know you want to give in and indulge your most sinful desires.

Make Mine a Double
No doubt about it, Kaylie Ward’s a loser magnet. So she swears off men. But give her some tequila to wash away those man troubles and she’s more than ready for a hot ménage fantasy. Somehow, dream and reality collide when she wakes up with two naked hunks in bed with her—not that she’s complaining.

Best friends, business partners, lovers—Max Lockhart and Brayden Sinclair share everything, including women. Like a bad country song, they went looking for love in all the wrong places, only to find it waiting for them at home, in their bed no less.

Kaylie’s plans for the future revolve around having a “normal” life. Going after it means living with a broken heart, unless she can keep her double order of beefcake and have a real family too.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Passionate Cooks - Coming Soon

Coming October 1st from ARe, Passionate Cooks, FREE recipes from today's hottest romance authors. The book contains my family recipe for Down-home Mac & Cheese. I'll post a link once the book is available or keep an eye out for it on the ARe website. With over 150 terrific recipes, there’s something in Passionate Cooks that will appeal to every appetite and every level of culinary expertise. 

You can pre-order your copy by clicking here

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Collision Course by Desiree Holt

Collision Course by Desiree Holt is now available, and for a limited time you can grab it for only $0.99. Don't procrastinate on this because the price will increase next month.

And that stunning cover...yup, that's my latest bit of art. :D

You can find Collision Course through the links below...




Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Naughty Sleepover Series

In honor of the Naughty Sleepover event, the Sassy Seven Authors have composed our next series of books. It is my profound honor to share with you the e-book covers (which I designed) and blurbs for all seven books, which will be available from Decadent Publishing October 8 - 10th. All seven books will also be combined into a print anthology to be released in early 2013.

Coming October 8th...

Say Yes by Regina Carlysle

“I’ll make you famous.”
She’d spoken the words, clicked off a few pictures and then scampered off toward the rodeo arena leaving him more than a little dizzy with lust. J.D. Stone, owner of the Stone’s Throw ranch is in town for business but the sassy woman has him thinking of planting his boots under her bed. Luckily for him, the pretty Melissa Bell is staying at the same hotel!

At first, J.D. Stone looked like a ghost from her past but those long-ago imagines quickly disappear with the first touch of this sexy cowboy’s hands on her sex-starved body. The epitome of a man of the old-west, hard and strong, J.D. is everything she has ever wanted in a man but will a misunderstanding have him turning tail and running with the dawn? Not if she can help it.  

Sugar Girl by Nicole Austin

A guy walks into a bar…
And finds the sweet girl he shouldn’t have left behind.

While book smart Candy Dillon went to college and embarked on an engineering career, Jeremiah Lange became a rodeo champion and country music icon. Their differences have kept these childhood friends apart until finally, the twists and turns in their individual paths lead them right back where they belong.

All work and no play has Candy aching for a thrill. Jeremiah is the perfect man to help check a few things off her bucket list. From bungee jumping to making out on a Ferris wheel and an emotional spin beneath bright spotlights, Candy’s having the time of her life.

But in the harsh light of the morning after can she really hold on to a shooting star?

When A Lady Meets A King by Brenna Zinn

Lady Pembrook went to great lengths, traveling thousands of miles and assuming a false identity, to satisfy her fantasy­­ of a one night stand with a real Texas cowboy. But can she fulfill her dream of a naughty sexual encounter after discovering a mysterious stranger in dark sunglasses threatens to expose her scandalous behavior in America?

Though riding bulls and taming wild horses aren't the only risks Burton King has taken in a lifetime of working on a ranch, nothing scarred him deeper than falling for the wrong woman. When he finds a damsel in distress, will the oath he swore to never get involved with another woman keep him from finding the woman of his dreams?

Coming October 9th...

More Than You Know by Cerise Deland

When a va-va-voom redhead walks into Luke Hurley’s bar, he vows to get to know her. But she escapes him every time, her family besieging her. Luke wants to save her. Hell, he wants to savor her if he can only figure out how to intrigue her…and nail her. Luke has his hands full of the classiest, funniest female he’s ever met for one naughty night. But will she love him tomorrow?

Overnight Sensation by Desiree Holt

Abbie Lawlor only wanted a drink with her friend at the end of a long, hard week. Her feet hurt, her head ached and she just wanted one cosmos then home to soak in the tub. She sure wasn’t looking to hook up with anyone. Her luck with men was worse than bad. Too bad with visitors flooding the town the bar at The Menger Hotel was so jammed a sheet of paper would barely fit between two people. Which was why Sam Burdette ended up pressed against her so she could feel every detail of his body. The heat the flared between them could have set fire to everyone in the bar. The invisible link between a Dom and a sub made her forget all her aches and pains. It was why she let the very sexy Texas Ranger coax her out of the bar and up to his room for some very off the wall sex that turned a casual “Hello” into an overnight sensation.

Coming October 10th...

Blame It On Texas by Allie Standifer

Everything's supposed to be bigger and better in Texas, right? Sexy plus size model Serena Morgan isn't convinced and can't wait to get out of the wild untamed state.

Local boy and country star Kale Winters has wanted Serena from the moment he looked into her eyes. Too bad she won't have a thing to do with him. Or will she?

 Thanks to the soft heart and match-making gene of Serena's agent and his own swift thinking Kale has one night to prove there's more to this cowboy than ropin' and branding.

Together they explore the explosive passion growing between them in the majestic and some say haunted Meneger Hotel.

Come morning will Kale be able to convince Serena he's the real deal or will the stubborn model Blame It On Texas?

Spank 'Em Cowboy by Samantha Cayto 

Sensible California gal, Tara, is in San Antonio for her sister’s wedding. Her only hope is to survive the overdone affair without a wardrobe malfunction. Hot, cranky and breathless, she flees the reception only to be rescued by the quintessentially sexy Texas man. In town for the rodeo, Rob spots the voluptuous Tara and is delighted to help this damsel in distress. Maybe it’s her tight dress cutting off the oxygen to her brain, but Tara decides to take a chance and invites him up to her room. She puts herself in his hands and dares to reveal her secret desire to be spanked and dominated. Happy to oblige, Rob takes her for the ride of her life.

Stay tuned for excerpts and more on this exciting new series.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bad Vibrations

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I've had to change the title of Good Vibrations to Naughty Vibrations. For those of you who have already purchased the book, the cover and title are the only things that have changed, the story is still exactly the same. For those who are looking for the book, it will be available from the various book seller sites this week under the new title. Those of you who have copies of Good Vibrations now own a limited edition.
My sincere thanks to all those who emailed the company Good Vibrations in an attempt to get them to understand your displeasure over their ridiculous claims against my book. Unfortunately the company just would not acknowledge the fact that titles are not trademarked or copyrightable and if that were so the original creators of Good Vibrations who made it so popular, the Beach Boys, could come after their company for its name. While my attorney is certain we would have won in court, I had no desire for my book to not be available during a legal battle.