Wednesday, January 23, 2013

CAPA Awards Voting

Voting for the CAPA awards is open and there are some pretty amazing book up on the list. I am so honored to have made it into the BDSM category for Sugar Girl, part of the Naughty Sleepover series written with the Sassy Seven Authors. Please stop by and vote for your favorites. It only takes a minute to show some love for your favorite authors! Click the heart or link below to find the voting page.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Free Fall In 13 Days And Counting

I've been quiet lately on the blogs, Facebook, etc. Here's why.

Two and a half weeks ago, I headed out to Colorado for vacation with Allie Standifer. During the trip we intended to check out various areas we might want to live if circumstances became optimal for us to move out there. But a few days before the trip something monumental happened.

You may or may not already know that in my "day" job, I am a CT Technologist at a children's hospital. Well, a few days before our vacation the planets aligned just right and my dream position was posted on the website of an amazing children's facility in Colorado. The job was the exact shift I would want and everything.

Coincidence? I don't believe in those. Fate? Perhaps. Dumb luck...most assuredly. The one big drawback, circumstances are far from optimal. My son still has 4 more months of high school left and I still own a house in Florida.

Since we were going to be there, I filled out the online application and called to make contact with the supervisor to see if we could set up an interview during my week there.

Here comes the big panic attack moment...

Out of 12 applicants, I got the job.

Okay, wow. Awesome! Umm...can I start in June? Nope, need to be there fast. Very fast. Within a month.

*wheezing breath, cold sweats, racing pulse*

OH HOLY CRAP! What have I done?

Over the past ten days, I resigned from my job here in Florida that I've held for 12 years (major panic moment), handed my house keys over to a real estate agent (gleeful moment) and started packing. The picture is not as impressive as the sight is in person. I am currently up to 3 rows across, 3 to 4 high and 4 deep. And I'm not done. I still have to pack my kitchen and load my car with all the essential to survive for a month or two until I can get the rest of my stuff 1900 miles across country. In winter. To someplace with snow.

My daughter is staying in Florida and my son will join me after his graduation this summer. And in March, Allie will be moving with me. Yay! This whole thing is a lot easier knowing I'll have a good friend along for the adventure.

Got Roxie a check up yesterday. Fresh oil and spark plugs (16 of them - her engine is a 350hp beast), rotated the tires and she's been declared ready to go. Ordered a bunch of winter safety stuff just in case I get stuck in a blizzard with no hunky heroes around to save me, and plan on getting snow tires when we get there. Also looking into a special course that teaches you how to drive in snow and ice because this Florida girl hasn't done that in 24 years. Haven't told her yet but Roxie may get traded in for 4WD or AWD before next winter depending on how the snow driving goes.

*more wheezing, sweating, galloping pulse*

So in 13 days, Roxie and I will spend 3 or 4 endless days of driving through eight different states, and burn through several audio books along the way.

I don't even know where home is going to be yet. There are several rental houses I'm checking out online but until I can see them in person, I'll be staying in an extended stay hotel.

*clutching chest, gasping* OMG! I'm homeless. *thud*

My big brother really put it all in perspective for me. Dream jobs don't become available often and I am totally rolling the dice but if I waited for the perfect time when all my ducks were in a row it may never happen. So this is me, rolling the dice and free falling without a safety net.

As I am able to and have internet connection, I will post details from my trip. It's going to be a wild and crazy several months, that's for damn sure.

Wish me luck! Here we go. Wheeeeeeeeee!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Get Cat's Meow - FREE!

For a limited time, you can get Cat's Meow, book 1 of the Predator's trilogy FREE! Don't procastinate and miss your chance because it won't be free forever.

Micah Lasiter won’t let age or physical wear and tear slow him down. Presented with the chance to be stronger than ever before, he doesn’t hesitate to join the Predator Project—not that refusing is an option. Too bad nobody warned him about the possible side effects. Dr. Rebecca Southerby works with cats. Big cats. She’s not sure why a scientific research organization wants a zoologist on staff but the great perks make it easy to overlook a few peculiarities. What’s shocking is finding her one-night stand at the secret lab and discovering how much he’s changed. Ensnared in a strange new reality, they’ll have to work together to bring down the corrupt organization and untangle a web of secrets with the power to either bind them together—or kill them.