Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tripped Up - Coming Soon!

Yes, I know it's been a long time. 2012 was not very good to me, coupled with major life changes and a cross-country move at the start of 2013, there wasn't much room for writing. Well now that things are more settled, I am back at work with co-author Allie Standifer and we have a new contract from The Wild Rose Press for Tripped Up, a standalone book in the SEALs On Fire series. Woot!
Release date to be determined.

Tripped Up
Allie Standifer & Nicole Austin

Karen James accepted and enjoyed her generous curves but still lacked confidence when it came to the opposite sex. While perfectly capable of flirting with the pumped up cover models she often worked with, real men like those of SEAL team Arapahoe put her on shaky ground. Especially Trip, the SEAL she’s been tasked with babysitting during the upcoming wedding. He ramps up her snarky attitude and keeps her body humming with a constant arousal that won’t be sated.

Garrett “Trip” Trippington is the easiest going, most laid back, steady member of his team. Nothing ever ruffles his feathers or causes him to falter; not even being shot while on a mission took him down. All that changed the moment he first saw Karen, a curvy vision of feminine perfection with a razor-sharp tongue. He’s tripped up, falling hard, experiencing feelings that make his head spin, on foreign ground and engaged in the most important fight of his life.  

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