Thursday, October 18, 2012

4 Star Review - Sugar Girl

Sugar Girl gets 4 stars from Donna - You Gotta Read Reviews

:Jeremiah is everything that a woman could fantasize about. He is a rodeo hero, a country music singer, and a hot piece of man flesh. But Candy doesn’t love him for any of those reasons. She fell in love with him many years ago when he was just the kid next door.
"Candy is the ruler by which every woman has ever been measured…and found wanting. Jeremiah has longed to find the one that he let get away, but he fears that she has made a life for herself and moved on without him. Seeing her flirting with a bartender in the same hotel he is staying in is both exhilarating and annoying. It’s time to claim his sugar girl and never let her go.
"Sugar Girl is a sweet, romantic, erotic short story with a super hottie and a sexy nerd. They pick up right where they left off, and he makes her dreams come true. The plot has a fresh twist, and the setting is cute (love the ghosts’ help)."

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