Thursday, September 1, 2016


Once a woman’s deepest, darkest desires have been exposed—whetting her appetite for taboo pleasures of the flesh—her unquenchable hungers will not be denied.

Floggers and whips
Chains and leather restraints
Erotic rewards and punishments…oh my!

Seduced by erotic stories and the forbidden lure of Dominance and submission, Evie Sloan longs to explore the scintillating delights firsthand. While some fantasies are better left to the imagination, for the chance to visit a real BDSM club, she’s willing to take a risk.

Been there, done that, seen it all—or so jaded Dominant Niko Kovalenko thought. Evie’s arrival on the scene reawakens long dormant passions and ramps them up to a whole new level. She’s an exciting challenge—a dangerous temptation—igniting the compulsion to posses. To collar.

Evie is no man’s submissive pet. Niko stripped her bare, shed light on all her secret desires and weaknesses, but it’s still not enough for him. To win her man she’ll have to confront her fears and find a way to bridge the distance between them.

*This previously published title has been revised and reedited*

The story behind the book:
Imagine this if you will. Its early morning and you are a night person who hasn’t had your first cup of coffee. You’re at a conference, standing in the breakfast buffet line at the hotel when an acquaintance you know is a Dominant comes up behind you and whispers in your ear.

“We have an open spot tonight. You want in?”

The “oh holy crap” chorus echoing in your head comes along with a vivid slideshow of what a Dom could possibly mean when offering you a “spot.” A spot tied to a St. Andrews cross or some other device? A spot on a spanking bench?

Sometimes having an imaginative mind is a curse. Needless to say, a caffeine jolt is not longer needed because you are now wide awake and fully alert. This actually happened to me a few years ago.

So you are probably wondering what the Dom was offering. Two friends and I were invited to visit and observe at a private BDSM club with the Dom and his sub/wife. We even got to check the place out before it opened for the night. Score!

Being able to experience the club before scenes were conducted gave me a greater comfort level. Knowing that I was under the protection of a Dom I trusted helped a lot too. But talk about questions. My mind buzzed with a million of them from having read many wickedly delicious erotic BDSM tales.

The Dom who invited us, along with the Dom who owned the club, demonstrated fire flogging, a violet wand and knife play. They allowed us to try wielding a whip and check out the collection of canes and other toys. The truly brave among us even tried out the stocks and other devices to get a feel for being restrained. Once the club opened and members arrived, we were permitted to roam around and observe a variety of scenes.

The inspiration for Tempestuous came from that club visit. In fact, much of Evie’s first trip to club Rendezvous came from my walk on the wild side. Many of the questions popping into her head were ones I had, as was most of what Evie experienced. During the fire flogging demo, I held fire in my hand. I now know the tingling touch of the violet wand, the heart-pounding sensation of wickedly sharp knives sliding over my throat and arms and the sting of a whip.

My trip to the club was truly one of the most amazing, thrilling, exciting nights of my life! For me, that’s where the experience ended and my creativity kicked in. No, I did not meet a hunky, rich Dom like Niko or turn into a tempestuous brat and get spanked (darn it).

Oh, and speaking of the very delicious hero, Niko. He was inspired by a real life hunk straight from the pages of PlayGirl. Oh yes, ladies, he’s real, although I have no idea if he’s a Dominant, regardless of what my imagination insists.


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Tempestuous is a work of fiction and incorporates only simplified elements of BDSM. It is not intended to accurately portray the complexities of a true Dom/sub relationship. Play safe, be well!

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