Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Blog!

Hi everyone! I decided to make a change and get my blog to match my website. Six years with the old design and it was definitely time for a facelift. If you'd like to look at my previous blog posts or pictures you can still access the old blog by clicking here. I tried to import them but WordPress and Blogger don't play well together. Nuff said.

As to what's up with me one word describes 2012--CHANGE! Lots of changes in my life. I've been doing a lot of graphics work lately (cover art and websites) as I try to push through the trauma of the past few months and get busy writing. I do have several writing projects in the works. Yes, the most asked about project, the final 2 books of the Corralled series, are in the works. Riley and Zeke will both get their books. I know you've been hearing that for quite a while and all I can say is sometimes the stories just aren't ready to be written or the characters aren't talking. Might have to get a cattle prod to get those boys with the program.

I do have more series stories brewing with The Sassy Seven Authors. One story is completed and contracted with Decadent Publishing, Sugar Girl. This story was written in memory of my dear friend and beta reader Candy Kamachi. I am pleased with how the story came together and I'm sure Candy would have loved it. Look for Sugar Girl in Fall 2012. Click here to read the blurb.

Last week I completed edits on Fatal Submission, an Erotic Horror/BDSM. WOW, what an experience. Erotic Horror is a fascinating genre that challenged me as a writer. I am so thrilled about this book and can't wait for it to release. Brenna Zinn has written and contracted the stand-alone companion story, Rise of the Dom. Both stories are contracted with Ellora's Cave Publishing--we're calling them the Dungeon Master stories. Best guess for release date is September. For more info on Fatal Submission click here.

I also have a story in next Ellora's Cave anthology Something Wicked This Way Comes -- Volume III. Expecting edits on Alien Rights any day now. This is a fun Sci Fi in which the heroine unwittingly invites an alien to abduct her. I love  aliens because if you can dream up the technology they've developed it. Commander Rodar has some very wicked tech gadgets at his disposal. :D For more on Alien Rights click here.

As soon as I get the go ahead on the book covers and websites, I'll post them for your viewing pleasure.

Happy Reading!


  1. Love love the look of your new blog! It's sexy and perfect! Can't wait to get a peek at the new stuff you have brewing.

  2. This new look is just perfect! Ya done good, Nic!

    1. Thanks, Margie. It was way past time to ditch the old look.